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Stretch for the Spiral Line

The above stretch focuses on the spiral fascial line and other conjoining lines around the pelvis.

The spiral line shares connections between the tibialis anterior, iliotibial tract, internal oblique. At the abdomen it crosses to the contra-lateral external oblique, serratus anterior, rhomboid and then crosses again to attach to the splenius capitus at the occiput.

The tibialis anterior connects with the peroneals, biceps femoris, sacrotuberous ligament and then lumbar dorsal fascia. At this point the line blends with pieces of the superficial back line.

During the stretch make sure the pelvis is braced on the table. The goal is to move the ribs and thoracic spine, while minimizing motion of the lumbar spine. This stretch can be performed right up to the cervico-thoracic junction. If the patient contracts the gluteals it will create more tension, allowing for a more effective release.

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