Providing awareness regarding concussions and injury prevention.

Concussion is a scary thing. As we are still in the infancy of concussion research, many questions, concerns and fears arise. When managed early and properly, concussions – like all injuries – can have a positive prognosis.

On this site, I’ll provide insight and share information about how to successfully resolve injuries of any type. If you have any questions at all feel free to communicate with me through the contact form. If you are outside the Greater Toronto Area, I will work to find you an excellent therapist or physician to help manage whatever injury you have.

One thing I do know to be true is that I will not fix every injury or concussion. As a result I have spent much of my career seeking out local experts in a the medical field working in a variety of disciplines. If I am unable to help you, I am certain that I have a practitioner within my network who can.

Yours in health, Conor P. Collins

Concussion Management

Baseline testing for children, adults, teams and organizations

Free educational seminars on concussion

Modification plans for work and school following an injury

Thorough communication with treating physicians regarding our action plan

Post concussion syndrome management and rehabilitation


Bachelor’s Degree –  Health Sciences
University of Western Ontario

Diploma – Sports Injury Therapy
Canadian Therapeutic College

Diploma – Massage Therapy
Canadian Therapeutic College

Diploma – Contemporary Medical Acupuncture
University of McMaster

First Defence

The first 72 hours following a concussion is critical

Download a step by step guide on what to do after you have suffered a concussion

Early management will prevent long term complications!

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