Understanding the complexity of Concussion

Increase your confidence in this often daunting injury

Course Description

Concussion is often scary for many practitioners to deal with it. They become flustered at idea of what do or how to assess. The health care system in general still provides patients with misguided information often sitting in a dark room and waiting. This course will change that.

The objectives of this course are to gain a full understanding of the complexity of mild traumatic brain injury. The goal of day one is to leave confident of the path to take from time of injury through to patient assessment and guidance. By the end of day one you will have a thorough understanding of the recognition of red flags, how to assess, when to refer and the best evidence-based advice to provide your patients.

Day 2 begins by providing strategies for rehabilitation and guidance on specific symptoms felt by the patient. The morning will finish with in class case studies or a live patient if available. The afternoon will conclude by defining the common types of headaches suffered by a post concussion patient and how to address them from a treatment standpoint. The afternoon also focuses on the assessment, treatment and rehabiliaton of the cervical spine. By the end of the weekend you are ready for success. You will have plenty of techniques and resources to provide more recognition, guidance, exercises and focal treatment than ever before.

The course is approved by every Massage Therapy College and Association in Canada.

The course is also open to current Massage Therapy Students.

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