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The first month of the blog is done! We are excited to have the new site and everything it has to offer. Here are some interesting articles and podcast episodes from the month gone by. 




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Podcast Episodes 

Ep#107 Dystonia 

EP #106 Working in professional sports 

About the Author

Conor’s Sports Injury Therapy background has earned him a growing reputation in the professional sports industry. Conor has consulted for athletes in the NHL, NCAA and IHHF and he was a therapist at the 2015 Pan AM games in Toronto. 

When he’s not at the clinic, Conor’s teaching at Mohawk College in the Massage Therapy program or teaching his course “Understanding the Complexity of Concussion” internationally. Conor has written for a variety of magazine and news outlets, as well as participated as an expert at a number of internationally-recognized conferences.